Donde comer Pizza en Valparaíso

Hace unas semanas encontramos este lugar, y este viernes decidimos visitarlo. Se llama ALLEGRETTO, ubicado en la calle Pilcomayo 529, casi esquina templeman, en el cerro Concepción.

Para los que no se ubican bien, la calle templeman es la misma donde está el café Turri. Y se llega a este lugar subiendo por Almirante mont (la calle que nace en la plaza anibal pinto) doblan por urriola hacia la derecha como si fueran a bajar de nuevo, y toman la primera calle a la derecha, esa es templeman. Estacionan por ahí mismo, y caminan una cuadra.

En estos días la calle almirante montt está con trabajo y cerrada, por lo que la calle urriola tiene doble transito para llegar. Toman 21 de mayo, y a una cuadra de la plaza sotomayor, encuentran Urriola, suben hasta templeman.

El Lugar está armado con mesas usadas y viejas, avisos publicitarios antiguos, una rockola, una heladera de los años 50, y otros toques de ese tipo, lo que le da una identidad y caracter particular al espacio. La atención fue muy amable y rápida.

Las Pizzas tienen nombres de cerros, la que nosotros pedimos se llamaba VILLASECA, y tenía salmón, alcaparras, queso, crema, y otras cositas. El valor promedio de una pizza familiar es de $7.000  (U$14), y un vino cerca de $6.000 (U$12), excelente para ir de a dos a cenar. Además de pizzas tiene otros platos de pastas, pero lo recomendable es la pizza (es lo que hemos probado por ahora), estaba excelente, si quieren ir a la segura pidan una.

Para los extranjeros, les facilitan la vida, hay un letrero afuera que dice “we speek your language”, y al parecer francés e inglés como mínimo.

y luego de comer salir a caminar por el barrio que es tan agradable…

terminando el panorama nos devolvimos a nuestro depto frente a la playa las torpederas, que a propósito, arrendamos para quienes quieran darse estos gustos.

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Pablo Neruda and Valparaíso

valparaiso neruda

He was born in Parral, a city in the south of Chile, with the name Ricardo Eliecer Neftalí Reyes Basoalto, later known throughout the world as Pablo Neruda.

Neruda enters to the Men’s Lyceum of Temuco in 1910, where he completed the high school.

In July 18, 1917, appears in the newspaper “The Morning” of Temuco, with the signing of Neftali Reyes, an article entitled “Enthusiasm and perseverance.” This is the first publication of the poet.

When he concludes his studies in the Lyceum, he went to Santiago to follow the career of Frenchman’s teacher in the Pedagogic Institute, but it continues preparing books of verses. In 1923 his first book of poems is edited, Crepusculario.

Since this moment, Neruda writes with more determination. In1924 publish a new book, by the title “Twenty poems of love and a desperate song”.

In 1971, Pablo Neruda obtained the Nobel Prize on Literature.

On the top of the reputation and of the recognition also they were waiting for it terrible hours. In 1973, September 11, it was surprised by the military intromission against the President Salvador Allende. Deeply affected by the new situation, it could not resist the tragedy and, on September 23rd he died in Santiago.

La Sebastiana: Museum House in Valparaiso

Neruda´s house

(From:“La Sebastiana” stiory, Pablo Neruda Fundation) “I feel the tiredness of Santiago. I want to find in Valparaiso a little house to live and write quietly.  It must have some conditions.  It can’t be located to high or to low.  It should be solitary but not in excess. With neighbours hopefully invisibles.  They shouldn’t be seen or heard.  Original, but not uncomfortable.  With many wings, but strong.  Neither too big or too small.  Far from everything but close to the transportation. Independent, but close to the commerce.  Besides it has to be very cheap.  Do you think I would find a house like that in Valparaiso?

neruda house
This was the request Pablo Neruda asked in 1959 to his friends Sara Vial and Marie Martner. It seems impossible to find a house that satisfied the wishes of the poet, but after a long survey, they found the main frame of a mansion located on the Florida Hill.  It was built by the spaniard Sebastian Collao, who assigned the whole third floor of the building as a bird cage.  Don Sebastian died in 1949 and the unfinished house full of stairs was abandoned then for many years.

neruda dinning room
The poet went to see the building.  He liked, among other things, the silly way it was constructed, but he found it too big, so the house was bought between Neruda and the sculptor Marie Martner and her husband, Dr. Francisco Velasco.

Today this house is the “La Sebastiana” Museum, located in the Florida Hill of Valparaiso and opened to public. You must knowing and crossing his collections and the stories that he guards.

Ode to Valparaiso

Pablo Neruda

What nonsense
You are
What a crazy
Insane Port.
Your mounded head
You never finish combing your hair
Life has always surprised you
Death woke you
In your undershirt and long underwear
Fringed with color
With a name tattooed on the stomach
And with a cap
The earthquake grabbed you
You ran
Broke your fingernails
It moved
The waters and the stones
And seas
The night,
You would sleep
In the ground
From your sailing
And the furious earth
Lifted its waves
More stormy
Than a tempest
The dust
Covered you
The eyes
The flames
Burned your shoes
The solid
Houses of bankers
Like wounded whales
While above
The houses of the poor

Into nothingness
Like captive birds
Testing their wings

You forget
the tears
and you return
to hanging your dwellings
to paint doors
You transform into a boat
Your are
The patched bow
Of a small
The crowns nest
With foam
Your rope lines that sing
And the light of the ocean
That shakes the masts
And flags
In your indestructible swaying

Dark star
You are
From far away
In the height of the coast
And soon
You surrender
Your hidden fire
The rocking
Of your deaf alleys
The naturalness
Of your movement
The clarity
Of your seamanship
Here ends this ode

So small
Like a cloth
Ragged in a Window
In the Wind
of the ocean
With all the pain
Of your ground
The dew
Of the sea, the kiss
Of the wild angry sea
That with all of its power
Beat the rocks
It could not
Knock you down
Because on your southern chest
Is tattooed
The struggle
The hope
The solidarity
And the joy
As anchors
The waves of the earth.



Pablo Neruda y Valparaíso

Nació en 1904 en Parral con el nombre de Ricardo Eliecer Neftalí Reyes Basoalto. Residiendo en Temuco, ingresó en el Liceo de la ciudad en 1910, y cuando aún no había salido de esta institución, el 18 de julio de 1917, pudo leer emocionadamente en un periódico local, La Mañana, el primero de sus artículos publicados, que tituló “Entusiasmo y perseverancia”. Continue reading

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